Caire LOX Systems

These serve the needs of all types of oxygen patients, sedentary or ambulatory, high flow or pediatric flow, conserving mode or continuous, in-home care as well as institutional care.


Patient Benefits

  • Ambulatory Oxygen Therapy can improve patient quality of life and health.
  • Portable LOX devices can improve patient compliance and increase mobility.
  • Portable LOX devices can help reduce patient user costs and overall healthcare expenses.
  • Lightweight oxygen increases mobility and travel options.


Provider Benefits

  • There are distinct asset and reimbursement advantages in providing LOX devices.
  • Providing LOX therapy devices differentiates the service provider from competitors.



Portable Oxygen Concentrators


Transportable Oxygen Concentrators


Stationary Oxygen Concentrators


Oxygen Flow Stations


Portables - Continuous Flow


Portables - On Demand/Pulse