Long-lasting Freedom Caire HELiOS Plus Caire HELiOS Plus

Although tiny and incredibly lightweight, the HELiOS Plus is powerful, lasting up to 9 hours but weighing only 3.6 pounds fully filled. CAIRE, Inc.’s HELiOS Marathon™ Portable Oxygen Unit gives oxygen therapy patients unprecedented freedom: It lasts up to 22 hours between refills, yet weighs only 5.6 pounds fully filled! The HELiOS Marathon portable unit lets patients be out all day. Whether they want to visit friends and family, shop, travel, fish, or golf—patients can have long lasting freedom without needing to refill their lightweight oxygen portable or bringing along extra oxygen cylinders.


Continuous Flow/Demand Flow Versatility
While other portable oxygen units have limited continuous flow operation, the lightweight HELiOS portable units feature multiple settings for continuous and demand flow modes. Now continuous flow patients can enjoy the “no spill” design and portability the HELiOS system is known for.