A Safer Way to Breathe  CAIRE Hi-Flow Stroller

The clever design of the Hi Flow Stroller makes it a perfect choice for patients requiring higher flow rates, while still being reliable and easy to use. The effectiveness and simplicity of the Hi Flow Stroller provide the answer to lightweight, portable oxygen needs.

Developed for oxygen patient transport when ambulation is needed, CAIRE, Inc.’s lightweight Hi Flow Stroller is truly state-of-the-art cryogenics. This intrahospital system was designed to complement the existing hospital ambulatory oxygen source. The Hi Flow Stroller is considerably easier to use and, in turn, recognized as safer for both the patient and hospital staff.

A perfect choice for any patients requiring higher flow rates, the Hi Flow Stroller is a natural fit for those patients who need a portable oxygen unit that can keep up with their home and travel lifestyles.