Oxygen Concentrators

Pulse vs. Continuous Flow

CAIRE's product line of oxygen concentrators filters the ambient air around us in order to guarantee you are never left without the oxygen you need.

pulse flow oxygen concentrators

Pulse Flow

With every inhale of your breath, CAIRE’s pulse flow technology delivers a “bolus”, or breath, of oxygen when you need it most. Our pulse flow senses the pressure of each breath, through the nasal cannula, to deliver the exact dose you need at the exact moment you need it. 

continuous flow oxygen concentrators

Continuous Flow

When you need a constant, steady and reliable flow oxygen, you need CAIRE’s continuous flow technology. Set your device to the liter by minute prescribed by your doctor and rest assured that you are receiving an uninterrupted stream of oxygen. 

Caire Innovation

CAIRE pioneered the technology behind oxygen therapy, allowing our technology to always be one step ahead.